About the Shop

Luxe Refill was the answer to a growing frustration over the excessive waste of single-use bath and beauty products that dominate the self-care industry. Visions of over-flowing landfills and polluted oceans at the end of every plastic shampoo or lotion bottle distressed Luxe Refill founder, Cristina Guerra.

So, she set out to find a bath and beauty line with sustainable packaging... and found the industry lacking. Already a bulk refill consumer in other areas of her life, she set out to solve the problem of waste in the self-care industry by creating a line of eco-friendly bath and beauty products with 100% sustainable packaging that can be refilled and re-used, rather than thrown away.

Luxe Refill was born and launched with 19 products, including the signature After Shower Body Oil. All bath and beauty products are formulated with 100% naturally derived ingredients and packaged in zero-waste containers. When customers run out of an item, it’s simple to re-order online. When the new product arrives, it will include instructions and a paid shipping label for returning the empty bottle to Luxe Refill for sanitizing and re-use.

By using Luxe Refill products, consumers can feel good about taking steps toward preserving earth’s precious resources by embracing a zero-waste bath and beauty routine – and every step counts on this

Want more information on the epidemic of plastic pollution? For facts about the dangers of plastics to our earth’s oceans and more...

Our new home will be right in the center of town located at 5501 N. Lamar. 

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