Hair and Body Spray, Conditioning Hair Gel, and Deodorant Powder- Coming Soon!

In an effort to be your One Stop Zero Waste Shop, we are always working to formulate new products to help eliminate single use products in your beauty routine!

Here are three new products that you can easily add to your green beauty routine! 

Hair and Body Spray: This formula comes in all of our signature scents to add a natural perfume to freshen up throughout the day.  It features moisturizing aloe vera which is nourishing and safe to use head to toe! Great as your daily perfume, skin refresher or to tame flyaways!

Conditioning Hair Gel: This is a medium hold styling gel developed with conditioning ingredients to offer natural movement and definition. Use it on wet hair before styling, or on dry hair to tame flyaways. 

Deodorant Body Powder: Finally a way to tackle moisture while using a natural deodorant! This body powder is a great aid to absorb excess sweat throughout the day. It is also a natural alternative to foot and chafing powders that have harmful talc or chemical fragrances! 

Keep an eye out for our launch date and get 50% off your first order on any of these products! Everyone who subscribes to our newsletter will get this amazing one time offer! Share the Refill love with friends so they can get the launch discount too! 

As always, we’re here to help answer any zero waste or refill questions you may have. Together we CAN make a difference in reducing plastic waste! 

Cristina Guerra,

Founder, Creator &  Zero Waste Advocate