COVID-19 Tips and Free Shipping!

COVID-19 Tips and Free Shipping!

Across the globe, we are experiencing extreme health challenges due to Covid-19. During this time of crisis, please know that we are committed to helping you care for yourself and the planet at the same time. It is our mission to provide luxurious products with essential oil blends that help you feel great inside and out! Here are a few tips that I have been using with my family to help navigate this current pandemic.

  1. Frequent handwashing can lead to dry, cracked skin. Keep a bottle of our Shea Butter Lotion by your sink to apply after each handwashing. Our Luxe Lavender scent is also great for adding a calm and soothing scent to your handwashing routine.

  1. Magnesium is known to relieve anxiety, stress and help improve sleep. Our Magnesium Deodorant is made with USP pharmaceutical grade magnesium and can be used for more than just odor control. Apply in areas where the skin is thin such as underarms, on the belly, or under the elbow and wrist. This improves absorption and maximizes benefits. 

  1. Finally, use our best-selling After Shower Oil with some Epsom salts in a bath or as a body scrub. Just a tablespoon for one cup of Epsom salts is all you need to wash away the stress of the day. You can also substitute Sea Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. Try our Eucalyptus Energy scent to create a truly decadent spa feeling! 

We have also been affected as a small business due to the SXSW Health & Wellness Expo being canceled. As a result, we have an overstock of products that were meant for the event. We are offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders now through March 31st or while supplies last! Don’t miss out on your chance to stock up now! Use code WELLNESS.

Get all the personal care products you need without leaving the comfort and safety of your home. Simplify your life by signing up for a subscription, and never run out of what you love and need the most. We have made it easier than ever to be kind to the planet while pampering yourself! 

Your support is greatly appreciated! Each Refill is one more step to healing our Planet from harmful plastic waste.


Cristina Guerra

Founder, Zero Waste Advocate

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