Arnica Massage Oil on Sale!

Arnica Massage Oil on Sale!

Arnica Massage Oil is the next great product you will fall in love with! It is truly a multi-purpose oil blend that has been thoughtfully crafted to give maximum benefit with little effort! It is similar to our After Shower Oil, but with the addition of Arnica, Hempseed Oil, and Cranberry Seed Oil this unique blend will bring relief to sore muscles from head to toe! 

Did you know that Arnica has been used medicinally for several centuries, and is still widely used today? Common topical uses include reduced swelling, arthritic pain and muscle aches. You can use our Arnica Massage Oil as a whole body treatment, or just on specific areas of need. Add a few drops to an epsom soak and take your relaxation to a whole new level!

Arnica Massage Oil isn't just for sore muscles or massage! It can be used in so many ways! Here's a list of some of our favorite ways to use it:                                 

1. Keep in the shower and use a small amount on wet skin after your done showering. No need to rinse off, just rub in thoroughly and towel dry. Your skin will feel soft and moisturized all day!     

2. Use a few drops on the ends of your dry hair and brush through to tame dry ends. A little goes a long way and is also great for taming flyaways. 

3. When I travel, I try to consolidate my personal care products as much as possible. My shampoo works as body wash. Conditioner works as shaving cream, and Arnica Massage Oil works as shower oil, face moisturizer, and as a hair smoothing treatment. I usually am on the go and do a lot of walking when I travel, so the Arnica Massage Oil is my go to for sore feet at the end of the day!

All sizes are on sale for 15% off. Hurry and get yours now! This sale ends on October 1st! 

As always, our mission is to provide clean, plant based products in Zero- Waste packaging. Feel great about being good to your body and the planet with every Refill!

Your partner in reducing waste,

Cristina Guerra



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